fell in love with this view! Ísland mìn ást!!!Iceland 2014
Harpa / Reykjavik(Nikon D3100)
In about 41days there will be the beginning of a new experience, a challenge and a dream. Can’t wait anymore!  Iceland, here I come again!
Husavík ♥
foggy Vik / Iceland 2012(Nikon D3100)


Iceland by pas le matin

missing it as hell!

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Kaffismidja Islands coffeehouse in Reykjavik

Contax 645 | 80mm f/2 | Fuji Pro 400H

Favorite in Reykjavik!

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icelandic horseslake Myvatn / Iceland August 2013Nikon D3100
well, you know that we are northern now!
Husavik / Iceland august 2013(Nikon D3100)
missing Iceland as hell!
Landmannalaugar / Iceland(Nikon D3100)
Skyr / Iceland(Nikon D3100)
Icelandic Horse / Iceland
(Nikon D3100)
near Ásbyrgi / Iceland(Nikon D3100)